Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Law of Attraction #9 - I am Convinced

I am convinced we are all stumbling about in the darkness.  The only difference is some of us are in a funhouse, bumping into each other and joyfully laughing, while others of us fear falling and being trampled.

I am convinced each of us is one seemingly miraculous event away from knowing our true nature.

I am convinced both the apparently good and the seemingly evil among us have good intentions and what truly separates us are the degrees of our fear and desperation.

I am convinced I can do nothing wrong because in life with every choice I will either find joy or a lesson.

I am convinced I don't need to be anything other than who I naturally am.

I am convinced the things I enjoy doing are never a waste of time and, truthfully, are my natural calling.

I am convinced I do not need to seek out love, I am love.

I am convinced we each have our own slices of heaven here on earth.  Mine are the sound of crickets outside at night, a cat purring next to my ear, or the leaves being shifted lightly by a gentle breeze.

I am convinced, no matter how it looks, we are always getting it right and can never get it wrong.

I am convinced every time we express the words "I don't like" we have stumbled on a bit of resistance.*

I am convinced the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.


I am just about 1/4 of the way through my 99 videos in 99 days challenge.  Increasingly, I am finding that whatever it is that drives me to communicate with others is becoming happier with the video format than the blog format.  At least in this moment.  If you would like to engage in a dialogue with me or have any suggestions as to subject matter, feel free to contact me at  angieceable@gmail.com .

Today's video:

* (with the possible exceptions of liver & sauerkraut)

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Law of Attraction #8 - A Bigger Picture?

I have wanted to write since I was roughly 11 years old.  I should be saying I have been writing since I was roughly 11 years old, but the truth is I haven't.  Not consistently.  Sometimes I was more drawn to photography.  Sometimes it is as if I lay dormant.  Honestly, a lot of the time that is what my writing feels like.  Dormant.  I almost feel shame to say it, but ideas do not come easily to me.

Which is hilarious!  Because ideas DO come easily to me.  One of my favorite things to do with friends is talk about all sorts of philosophical ideas.  In other words, we pick a topic and see just how hot the air in this room can get!  That can't be your favorite parlor game without having some ideas!  I have never been good at adapting my thinking to subjects and plots.

Photography has almost no thinking at all.  What I mean is, for me, it is not a form of intellectual expression.  Oh sure, I had some photo projects in school that were more about concept than photo and were quite mind driven, but my photography, the stuff that excites me, is about emotional expression.  So it is easy to get into the "flow" or "vortex" or no-mind oneness (depending on whose dictionary you're going by) in photography.  It hasn't been with writing anywhere near as often.

I do believe we each have one gift.  A talent at something.  Maybe like writing or maybe in temperament or strength?  The things that get under your skin and course through your blood like writing and photography do for me are clues.  I think that's why you see books over the years with titles that tell you "Do What You Love and The Money Will Follow."

How many times do I have to hear that before I surrender to it?  I'm a great cheerleader to it, but in practice it's like trying to fall asleep and being startled awake.  Over and over again.  It always feels like I hedge my bet and doing that is saying I might lose or I might be wrong.

Wait a minute.  Here's the thing.  That's sounding like I expect some sort of reward for what I'm doing.  Of course I would want that, but that isn't my focus or what I am saying.  I mean simply that to write something implies one has a reader.  I've never expected to have a reader.

Recently I fell in love.  Loved and lost.  Ah well, happens to nearly all of us at some point.  I think a heretofore unnoticed gift he gave me is the knowledge I had a reader.  He was the first person in the world who I had the honor of speaking with who had read some of my writing before we had actually ever spoken to each other.  I know he read some of my writing.  I know he could hear my voice.  I know he enjoyed some of it.  If we were on speaking terms, I'd thank him for some of the wonderful gifts I received.  Ah life.

Maybe that's why lately I have gotten into the "flow" in some of my writing.  Here on this blog.  I've even been there twice on those 99 videos in 99 days.

I've always thought in the end it would be fiction.  I'd finally get an idea, squeak out a novel and then probably croak.  Now I wonder.  It really seems like my trajectory is aimed more at engaging in an intellectual parlor game with whoever wants to read it on the internet.  Not sure how the money would follow from that, but it certainly would be lovely because I am having a good time and this might just be love.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Law of Attraction #7 - Communicating

I've continued on with the 99 videos in 99 days challenge.  Here are the links for the additional videos since my last blog entry.

Video #5
Video #6
Video #7
Video #8
Video #9
Video #10
Video #11

From what I've learned about the Law of Attraction recently listening to Abraham-Hicks, I am supposed to follow the path of least resistance and always strive to feel the best I possibly can in the moment.  On the one hand I have no idea what I'm doing, but on the other, it is flowing effortlessly and I'm having a good time.

My parents used to tell a story.  When I was two, there was a large storm where we lived and the tree in front of our house was knocked down.  Apparently I really found that to be a shock.  For days I would tell anyone and everyone who would listen.  "Tree broke."  Since I don't remember it first hand, I'm not sure if I was trying to warn the world that trees could break or simply reveling in the joy of "did you see that?"   Clearly I had an urge to communicate.

I still do.

I'm really enjoying the spontaneity and brevity of the videos.  I get an idea, grab my iPhone, turn the camera on video mode, and start talking.  It feels easier than writing the little I've already written here.  Miraculously too, for the first time in my life I look at my image in the video and feel rather neutral.

The glasses probably help.  Smooth out the rough edges I would pick at.  They were prescribed to me in August.  It is hard to force myself to wear them.  Unless I am shooting one of those videos.

It's interesting.  I suppose I am acknowledging there is a possibility I might end my blog and just create videos.  Too soon to tell, but not impossible.  Amazing when I consider this is emerging from what was pretty much a whim.  My friend Gary is having problems keeping with up with his video challenge, perhaps if I do it with him?

Except that's what I think they mean about inspired action and the Law of Attraction.  Sudden ideas to do things you might not have otherwise thought to do.  Inspired actions that feel pleasurable when you do them.  The combination persuades me I am right where I am supposed to be.