Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Law of Attraction #7 - Communicating

I've continued on with the 99 videos in 99 days challenge.  Here are the links for the additional videos since my last blog entry.

Video #5
Video #6
Video #7
Video #8
Video #9
Video #10
Video #11

From what I've learned about the Law of Attraction recently listening to Abraham-Hicks, I am supposed to follow the path of least resistance and always strive to feel the best I possibly can in the moment.  On the one hand I have no idea what I'm doing, but on the other, it is flowing effortlessly and I'm having a good time.

My parents used to tell a story.  When I was two, there was a large storm where we lived and the tree in front of our house was knocked down.  Apparently I really found that to be a shock.  For days I would tell anyone and everyone who would listen.  "Tree broke."  Since I don't remember it first hand, I'm not sure if I was trying to warn the world that trees could break or simply reveling in the joy of "did you see that?"   Clearly I had an urge to communicate.

I still do.

I'm really enjoying the spontaneity and brevity of the videos.  I get an idea, grab my iPhone, turn the camera on video mode, and start talking.  It feels easier than writing the little I've already written here.  Miraculously too, for the first time in my life I look at my image in the video and feel rather neutral.

The glasses probably help.  Smooth out the rough edges I would pick at.  They were prescribed to me in August.  It is hard to force myself to wear them.  Unless I am shooting one of those videos.

It's interesting.  I suppose I am acknowledging there is a possibility I might end my blog and just create videos.  Too soon to tell, but not impossible.  Amazing when I consider this is emerging from what was pretty much a whim.  My friend Gary is having problems keeping with up with his video challenge, perhaps if I do it with him?

Except that's what I think they mean about inspired action and the Law of Attraction.  Sudden ideas to do things you might not have otherwise thought to do.  Inspired actions that feel pleasurable when you do them.  The combination persuades me I am right where I am supposed to be.  

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