Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Law of Attraction #9 - I am Convinced

I am convinced we are all stumbling about in the darkness.  The only difference is some of us are in a funhouse, bumping into each other and joyfully laughing, while others of us fear falling and being trampled.

I am convinced each of us is one seemingly miraculous event away from knowing our true nature.

I am convinced both the apparently good and the seemingly evil among us have good intentions and what truly separates us are the degrees of our fear and desperation.

I am convinced I can do nothing wrong because in life with every choice I will either find joy or a lesson.

I am convinced I don't need to be anything other than who I naturally am.

I am convinced the things I enjoy doing are never a waste of time and, truthfully, are my natural calling.

I am convinced I do not need to seek out love, I am love.

I am convinced we each have our own slices of heaven here on earth.  Mine are the sound of crickets outside at night, a cat purring next to my ear, or the leaves being shifted lightly by a gentle breeze.

I am convinced, no matter how it looks, we are always getting it right and can never get it wrong.

I am convinced every time we express the words "I don't like" we have stumbled on a bit of resistance.*

I am convinced the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.


I am just about 1/4 of the way through my 99 videos in 99 days challenge.  Increasingly, I am finding that whatever it is that drives me to communicate with others is becoming happier with the video format than the blog format.  At least in this moment.  If you would like to engage in a dialogue with me or have any suggestions as to subject matter, feel free to contact me at  angieceable@gmail.com .

Today's video:

* (with the possible exceptions of liver & sauerkraut)

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  1. My little piece of heaven are my kids.... seeing them smile, watching them grow and change, listening to their laugh.