Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Law of Attraction #2 - The Good Life

Once in awhile something will fall into my lap that makes the Law of Attraction not only real, but obviously real to me.  It happened recently when I discovered the Abraham-Hicks Vortex of Attraction Alaskan Cruise 2015, signed up and showed up for it.  Before going, I had marveled how much Abraham must love the cruise workshops.  "They must be like shooting fish in a barrel."  If the goal is to feel as good as you possibly can in every moment, who isn't feeling good on a cruise?"

Although Abraham-Hicks' teachings have taught me not to look at other people's struggles or shortcomings, during the beginning of the cruise, I couldn't help but notice not everyone was feeling as happy and affluent.  Letting my 'monkey mind' play with it awhile, I realized what I had done differently.

We look at the world and life around us and we call it reality.  Just as LeRoy Neiman looked at the pages of "Playboy" and allowed it to make the good life a reality for him, if we want to change our viewpoint in regards to reality, we need to seed that change ourselves.  At the end of the cruise, sitting in a Virgin America First Class seat, I realized that was exactly what I had done.

1.  Although the friend who accompanied me on the cruise has long said "Balcony rooms are a waste.  You're going to spend more time out of the room than in it."  I couldn't help but think that I'd like a view from my room.  I thought too about how crowded it might be on deck while we were passing Alaskan beauty.  I wouldn't have to worry if I was taller than the people around me on my own private deck.  Knowing there are fewer dark night time hours in Alaska during summer, I also thought I might be tempted to go out on my own balcony then.  While I might not be tempted to walk all the way up to the deck.  I opted for my own private balcony.

2.  From water to high end alcohol, Celebrity Cruises have a wide range of drink packages available.  I chose the absolute highest, most expensive and most inclusive one.  Without trying to make sure I accounted for every dollar I had spent, I also made sure that I used it.  Every day I picked up at least one very large bottle of water, as well as a mixed drink I had never tried before or the most expensive glasses of wine on the menu.  It turned out that the "most" expensive glasses of wine actually required a little bit more money than just the drink plan.  Rather than get upset and huffy about that, I simply said, "Ok.  Go ahead and charge me the extra two dollars."  Rather than charge me, my waiter said, "I'm going to let it pass this time.  I just wanted to make sure you were aware of the possibility in case you run into another extra charge drink at one of the other restaurants."  The last day I even tried a Singapore Sling, which was a drink my grandmother used to talk about drinking on her freighter trips when I was a little girl.  When pre-choosing my options, I didn't limit myself.

3.  I signed up for an excursion at every port.  Two of the excursions were Abraham-Hicks exclusives where I got to travel side by side with other workshop attendees.  Two of the excursions were personal victories.  One of them was a Sled Dog Mushing Experience that included a helicopter ride to and from a glacier as well as the chance to be the musher for a team of dogs that train for the Iditarod.

Era Helicopter and Sled Dog Return

Era Alaska Flightseeing Helicopter and Dog Sled Tour - Dog Run - July 5, 2015, taken with GoPro Hero3+

I also went on a zip line excursion in Ketchikan, Alaska, but there is a lot more to that story which I will return to another day.

4.  At the airport while picking up my boarding passes, I was offered an upgrade to first class for $70/each.  You know I took advantage of that.  Besides being one of the first on and off the plane, free champagne and real food rather than pretzels or nuts, hot damp towels, and a seat that had a massage setting, I was rewarded by my companion turning to me mid flight.  "This is fun," he said.

What will you do to make the good life a reality for you?

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