Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Law of Attraction #1 - The Colorful T-Shirt

(Today was going to be the first entry in a new blog "Cheerleader of Life," but the site had a massive failure "server not found" and I decided the best thing to do was to publish the blog entry on my already established blog.  So without further ado ... my regular Tuesday blog ....)

Day 2 of the Abraham-Hicks Alaskan Cruise 2015 ...
we are in Ketchikan, Alaska in a gift shop when I see this shirt,

(Shirt sold by http://www.themountain.com.  Artist Dean Russo)

and I love it and grab one to buy ...

but before I get to the cash register ... I see this other shirt.
(Shirt sold by http://www.themountain.com.  Artist Dean Russo)

I reach to grab one of those too, but they don't have my size.

I consider buying the one that is too big .... but I've had a shirt like that before .. you love the image so much ..... you buy something too large ...... and it always feels a bit off ..... and you end up getting rid of it barely ever worn. 

The shop is a real touristy place ... perhaps even one in a chain of shops ..... so I think maybe I will get another chance.

In Juneau, Alaska ..... our excursion 

(mushing a team of sled dogs, but that is another story) 

ends late in the day and I opt out of looking at the gift shops in town.

I am wearing my new husky dog shirt in Skagway, Alaska, our last Alaskan town where I will have feet on the ground, when a man walking towards me from the opposite direction with his own group of friends slaps hands with me as we cross paths. He is wearing not the identical shirt to mine .. but very very close .. obviously the same artist.

None of the shops in Skagway have it or anything similar.

I set the notion aside .. thinking I will google it when I get home.

We have a day and a half at sea followed by our final evening in Victoria BC.

We go on the Abraham Hicks exclusive excursion to Buchart Gardens (which simply means we ride there together as a group.)

We won't get back to the ship until at least 10pm. Dinner, pics, and shopping will all have to fit into our slim window of time. 

(I should admit too. I almost didn't go on the excursion. The Abraham workshop was over having just ended that day. I was considering spending the last of my time on the ship quietly processing everything, but during the break between the last two sessions I met a lady who was local to me in the line for the toilet. She had mentioned other people from my town who were at the workshop. I hadn't met them yet and I thought maybe they would go to the gardens.)

It is a 45 minute drive to the gardens. We hit the ground running. Cameras out. 100 pics or so later, I get really hungry and convince my friend Art it's time to go to the coffee shop. I eat a hot dog. He has some sort of pastries. We eat them sitting at a table between the coffee shop and the gift shop.

As we're eating, I see stained glass items in the window of the gift shop. I begin to feel this excitement or urgency to go there .. so much so that Art has only finished one of his two danishes, but I ask if it is ok if I go in ahead?

He has no problem with it and I do.

I spend a lot of time at the stained glass .. they have this stuff that looks very ... primitively artistic and features cats .... I like them .. but don't love them.

I begin to wander around the shop .. I'm not sure what triggered the .. "I wonder if ..." but sure enough .. yes they had it .... in any size I may have wanted.

Now .. really that was good enough for me ... but .. today when I was talking to Art as he left .. I realized something much larger.

See .. before I left for the trip .. I wanted to bring a t shirt or two .. but I wanted them to be a bit more on the feminine side ... not big like a man's but a little more form fitting .. while not being too tight or revealing.

I have this t shirt I bought on a trip to Arizona .. it is beige and has a coyote on it ... the coyote is very colorful, but in a southwest way.

I had wanted to take that shirt, but it was in my laundry and in the mess of my house 

(my house has been under construction for almost a year now .... but that too .. is another story)

... I couldn't find it.

(Coyote shirt - still rumpled from the laundry where I found it - says only "Gildan Ultra Cotton" on the label)

It is only ...

after witnessing the beauty of Alaska
after soaking in hours of Abraham-Hicks material
after enjoying exciting adventures like zip lining and dog sledding

it is only in a casual conversation with Art ...

that I remember .....

One of the last thoughts I had as I finished packing before the trip ....

"I really want to get a few more t shirts with a colorful animal on the front."

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