Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Life is One Big Mardi Gras

While you read this, I will be at Mardi Gras.  In New Orleans.  Two things happened about a year ago this time.  First, I was just about the lowest I have ever felt.  You don't need the story.  You've heard the story.  What's important was I felt very low and I needed something to raise my energy.  To get me excited.  At the same time, I was becoming reacquainted with an old friend who, during the in between years, had begun making a habit of going to Mardi Gras.  She had an entire community of other friends who went too.  They wore costumes and threw beads besides only catching them.

In other words, I had the opportunity not only to go to Mardi Gras, but to go and be in the company of aficionados.  It is a bucket lister.  A unique opportunity combined with the chance to photograph one of the places on my top 5 list, one on my top 20 and another on my top 100.  Plus I get to visit with an old friend and make new ones!

I really want to tell you about it and I will, but right now?

I'm living it.

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