Tuesday, July 1, 2014

How To Detoxify from Negativity, Part 2

Right now as I'm typing this, there is a 2500 acre wildfire burning about 35 miles from me near my hometown growing up.  I have friends whose kids are fighting the fire.  People have been evacuated.  I have spent nearly the entire day watching a Facebook stream of smoke pictures and quiet exchanges of news.  This is the environment as I set out to convince you to embrace being less negative.

It feels a daunting task and I have difficulty knowing what to say.

"Just because bad things are happening you don't need to feel negative."

Even I want to punch myself in the face just for thinking it.

I think, "What would I say to someone who had someone in danger because of the fire?  If I had to give them advice, what would it be?"

And that's when I realize.  It is times like these when it is most important to be positive.  What I would say to them is.

"Try to stay positive.  Focus only on them coming home safe and sound.  I know telling you not to even entertain the notion of them being injured will bring it to your mind just like telling you not to picture a penguin.  Get that penguin moment over and go back to picturing everything as turning out alright.  Keep your language positive.  Think of Mother Teresa.  Don't say I hope no one is hurt; say I hope everyone will be fine."

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