Thursday, March 27, 2014

Why You Need a Savings Account

My marriage ended a decade ago.  While my ex's work benefits covered it,  I saw a therapist.  She suggested I keep a journal.  Being very much at a "now what" point in my life, I was highly motivated to make changes and whatever the counselor said to do, I did.  Recipes, artwork, clippings from magazines, anything and everything about me stuffed the pages of my scrapbook-ish journal.  The last page had a photo from a magazine.  A man and his cat.  The man's head was tilted back slightly, extending his neck.  The cat sat in front of him, held in his arms, his head tilted back as well, nestled against the man's neck.  I fell in love with that picture.  It would be a couple of years before I heard about the Law of Attraction, but I spent nearly every day loving that picture and wishing I had a cat who would spoon my neck.

Four years later,  a young ginger male with a collar kept showing up at my doorstep.  That little cat flirted like he knew he had come home.  I didn't want to resist.  I thought he was the cutest thing I had ever seen and I wanted to snatch him up, adopt him and bring him inside my house before someone else did.


You already have a cat.  

That's somebody else's cat.

It's wearing a collar.  You would be stealing someone's cat.

The voices in my head, as well as some of the one's coming out of my friends' mouths, were resistant.  Finally one person, who had just witnessed Peabody performing the feline equivalent of a headstand on my front step, gave me permission by saying, "That's a great cat.  You should adopt that cat."

It was then I discovered a horrible truth.  In an attempt to "do the right thing," I had avoided petting or touching him. When my fingers stroked his fur for the first time, I realized the collar around his neck had probably been placed there when he was little more than a kitten. I couldn't fit even a tiny bit of my finger underneath it.  Afraid to cut it off him, I tried not to think I was choking him as I pulled the collar even tighter to release it.  He sat calmly in my lap and purred.

Even then I resisted.  Someone had put the collar on.  Maybe he was lost and a family was missing him.  A talk with neighbors led me to a house a few blocks away.   Everyone's choice for my visitor's most likely absentee owner.  A man was working on his car in the driveway when I arrived.

Do you own an orange cat?

I only pay attention to cats when I've hit them on the road .....  and then I scrape them out of the way.  

OK......  well ... if you're ever looking for your cat, he's at my house.  

It still took me until the first time Peabody spooned my neck for me to realize.  The Universe had manifested a cat like the one in my journal!

It's all well and good to post affirmations and tell yourself we live in a world of abundance, but you can't tell The Law of Attraction "Do as I say, not as I do."  

You can't just say you believe.  You have to believe.  Trust me, I resisted my way out of believing I deserved a cat.  I also resisted my way out of believing he deserved me.  I resisted until the Universe finally had to practically get rude about it.

So ..... to think about .....

1. Can you believe in an abundant world where your vision of financial freedom is possible if you don't have a savings account and you know it?
2.  Did you notice I went to therapy, but only while my ex's work benefits paid for it?  Yet I considered myself highly motivated to change my life.  Audit yourself to see if you can discover any behaviors that contradict or undermine your affirmations and desires.
3. Could the Universe actually have manifested some of the things you dream about, but you never answered the call because you kept believing it was for somebody else?

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